Greetings, I am Masumbuko Semba, a skilled data scientist specializing in spatial analysis and oceanography. Leveraging my programming expertise, I have developed a diverse range of tools, algorithms, and analytical workflows that streamline the organization, management, analysis, and modeling of data. Furthermore, I possess proficiency in various programming languages such as – MATLAB, Python, Observable JavaScript, and R. By harnessing these languages, I am able to automate data processing and analysis tasks, as well as generate comprehensive reports in formats such as PDF or HTML documents. Notably, the scripts and tools I create ensure the reproducibility of data analysis workflows, bolstering informed decision-making processes. I take pride in openly sharing my code and work on platforms such as my blog, website and github accounts, allowing the public to freely access and utilize these resources.

Peer Review Articles

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Book chapters

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Digital books

  1. Semba M (2021). Practical Spatial Data Coastal and Marine Environment in R

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Interactive Apps

  1. Kwala Commercial and Investment City

  2. The Exclusive Economic Zone Tool

  3. The Pemba Channel Hydrographic Hub

  4. The coastal and Marine Data Visualization tool

  5. The National Environmenal Master Plan

  6. The Dashboard for Marine Spatial planning


A wior packaged built by Masumbuko Semba and Nyamisi Peter focusing on Easy Tidy and Process Oceanographic Data. The packages is basically developed to help marine and freshwater scientist access a large and varied format of in-situ and satellite data in easy way. In fact the package has made data access in much easy way. The authors are trying to remove the barrier of data access and leave a space for scientists to focus in much deeper thinking of their field rather than spending several days to understand codes for a specific data download. The package contains several tools that allows scientist to get a wide array of datasets. And the funny things is that you get a tidy format result of the download, which is easy to handle in R and also to share it out of R environment. The tidy format is in form that many scientist familiar with Excel spreadsheet will find it handy. You can access this package through this link: